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Semi Custom Design

You love your theme, but you need more!

Sometimes the theme itself just isn’t enough. We can add and customize elements so that the website is perfect for your business.

For Business owners who want a bit more

All businesses are not built the same. Some need extra visuals, galleries or subscription engines which all vary depending on your business model. A Semi-Custom website is perfect
for businesses who need a website with extra tweaks.

Lets Compare

Standard vs Semi-Custom Design

Semi-Custom design is catered more for businesses who want a bit more than the standard template design.  Some businesses originally have tons of apps installed on their website to function a certain way, creating a large expensive bill every month.  Too many apps installed congest and can slow your website performance. Our solution is to hard-code those app features on the website so that you don’t have to depend on apps to perform the special features and lowers your monthly bill.


  • Card number 4242 8224 6310 8210

    Expiry 09 / 21

    CVC 789

    ZIP 94107

    Pay 29.99

  • Name Jane Doe

    IBAN FR14 2004 1010 0505 0001 3M02 606

    Pay 24.99

  • Name Jane Doe

    Bank ABN ABRO

    Pay 24.99

  • You’ll be redirected to Alipay to complete your payment.

    Pay 2,500

  • See all supported payment methods

Easy Checkout Flow

The fewer clicks it takes for the client to get from the Homepage to Checkout, the higher the conversion.

Study shows that fewer clicks on the website generate higher conversions.  As Expert Developers, we design using only the best practices for Website and E-Commerce for brand exposure and scaling.


Upon hire, we will provide access to join our project management portal. Inside, our team of developers will assist on every milestone so you can clearly see the progress of each task. Upon completion, we teach you how to maintain your site as you become the sole owner of your website.